How to reach a better and more open music metadata eco-system


Indexing at the source by creators, quality of descriptive Small Data, direct allocation of unique ID's to ease tracking of content – here are the subjects I will address in Paris at the Musimorphoses conference. In 2008, François-Xavier Nutall, Consultant supérieur / Technology Intelligence at CISAC, presented a visionary keynote on the music metadata eco-system of the near future. Seven years later, lots of it never saw the light of day even if the industry

Bearing Point France and Berklee Fair Music studies struggling to define music metadata standards

This month of July 2015 has witnessed the publication of two important music industry studies on fair remuneration for the music industry stakeholders. The first is European, drafted by Bearing Point, commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture, and the second is American by the Berklee School of Music and partly commissioned by the Kobalt Music Group. Both studies are giving a shot at defining what should be standard metadata fields for the industry. But

Without Transparency in Music, Artists, Fans and Services Will Lose

Imagine you went to your ATM and tried to take out $60 dollars. The machine makes you wait for a half hour then spits out 40 dollars and no receipt. You don't know where the extra money went, why it took so long or what's left in your account. For most people, this would be unacceptable. If you're an artist in today's music industry, it might be your everyday reality.Source: www.billboard.comArticle inespéré dans Billboard qui

The Music Producers Guild – Credit Where Credit Is Due – ‘The Movie’

As part of the continuing efforts by MPG to promote the importance of, and bemoan the lack of, credits in digital music files, a new promotional video has been created.Source: much important data has been left behind digitizing music... Bravo to the MPG spearheading this fight which should be shared by anyone who believes music is not only entertainment and releasing hits but is also central to human culture!See on - Music &

ISNI to become a gateway identifier for the music industry


Why has TGiT chosen ISNI as a gateway identifier to pick up the pieces of the music value chain? ISNI is an open database allowing to conduct keyword search, offering an AtomPub API for developers. Thus, it is possible to verify the existence of any contributor who participated in a work of intellectual property in the ISNI database. The ISNI identifier is a numerical code assignable to all types of contributors of a work -

Thinking of Moving Distribution? – Pt. I | Metable


So you’re thinking of changing digital distribution.  It’s a fairly common thing these days, distribution has changed hugely over the last 10 years.  It’s gone from simply getting your releases up on digital stores, to fully featured label services, in-depth analytics and full marketing support across the world.  Whether you’re thinking about switching distributor, of thinking about managing digital distribution yourself, there’s plenty to understand before taking the dive.

ISNI | ISNI Search

Register for the International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI), an ISO Standard for the Public Identities of parties: that is, the identities used publicly by parties involved throughout the media content industries in the creation, production...

Music APIs

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